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Vision and Mission Statement
Your Voice. Your Channel. Our Community.

Mission Statement:
To celebrate and preserve the spirit, character and experience of Naperville through diverse and informative programming that connects residents to each other and the community.
History of Naperville Community Television
While cable television’s origins date back to 1948, it was not until the early ‘70’s that it began to take hold and become popular with the American viewer. With the growth of cable, the citizens of smaller towns feared that their local communities would no longer have a voice amidst the wide variety of television programming. So in 1984, The Cable Franchise Policy and Communications Act allowed local government to require a Public, Education, and Government channel, and in 1987 Naperville Cable Television was conceived to carry out the Public and Education component of the act. Just as it is today, NCTV was organized on a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) basis.

For first 17 years, NCTV existed as a traditional public access station located in small studio in the basement of 800 W. Fifth Ave and was run exclusively by volunteers known as Community Producers who created and aired shows such as Pet-A-Rama and The Alice Neuman Show.

By 2004 the Board of Directors realized the potential of the station and over the next couple of years shifted from the Community Producer-driven public access model to a community television station with a public access component…and thus Naperville Community Television was born. The model included the collaboration of a professional staffer, community crew member, and a student intern working together to create professionally crafted programming reflecting the values, interests and goals of the community.

During this time period, the station moved to its current facility at 127 Ambassador Drive and hired award-winning television professional, Elizabeth Braham Spencer. As Executive Director, Spencer began a transformation that included development of new and original programming capitalizing on the growing “niche” programming trend within the industry. With shows such as “Naperville Sports Weekly,”” Naperville News 17,” “Business Connection,” as well as Election and Parade coverage, NCTV17 helped the community stay connected to the people, places and perspectives they cared about.

NCTV17 also began production of feature-length documentaries in cooperation with Naper Settlement. Starting with One in a Million: The Cock Robin and Prince Castles Story in 2005/06, a library of educational and entertaining documentaries has been created that capture stories of historical significance to Naperville.

In 2007, NCTV17 began simultaneous video streaming. Now anything aired on Channel 17 could also be viewed at the same time on-line at No longer bound by cable exclusive access or the city limits of Naperville, the station’s reach dramatically increased because it could meet consumer demand to watch what they want…where they want…when they want.

While much has changed since 1987, NCTV17 remains committed to delivering programming that informs, entertains and preserves the spirit and character of Naperville. We hope you’ll tune in!