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An award-winning community television station in the western suburbs is looking for an experienced sports reporter/technician to join NCTV17. Candidates will help us capture highlights and produce packages on varsity level sports for all area high schools in Naperville for our weekly program, Naperville Sports Weekly. They may also cover live sporting events for North Central College. Must be efficient in both camera and editing. This is not an entry-level position. Passion for the job is a must.

Requirements for this position include:
  • Report and produce stories as needed
  • Strong camera skills
  • Strong editing skills FCP, Premiere
  • Gather sound bytes from sports events
  • Represent Naperville Community Television in the community
  • Strong skills expected in: organization, teamwork, communication, problem solving and dependability
  • Other Duties as Assigned
Local candidates preferred.

Interested parties should submit a cover letter, work sample (via web) and resume to Please put job title in subject line. No phone calls.

NCTV17 provides an equal employment opportunity and harassment free work environment. See attached company policy for full details. All employees, full-time, part-time or contract must comply to the equal employment opportunity and harassment policies.

All employment and compensation with NCTV17 is "at will" which means employment can be terminated with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time, at the option of either NCTV or yourself, except as otherwise provided by law.