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In addition to airing extensively on Naperville Community Television, the NCTV17 documentaries are also placed in the Naperville libraries and preserved at Naper Settlement for generations to come. The NCTV17-produced documentaries are truly “forever” pieces that provide the community with educational insight into their heritage, instill respect for the spirit of the community that began long ago, and inspire the citizens of today.

Completed Documentaries
Chess State

Go behind the scenes of the Illinois High School Association’s State Chess Tournament and find out what makes Illinois stand far and away from all other states in the U.S. when it comes to high school chess in a new 70-minute documentary called, “Chess State” produced and directed by former NCTV17 videographer, Rick Rysso.
Future Focus

When Superintendent Dan Bridges requested that a district-wide community group be convened to study and give comment to the promise and opportunities facing District 203 hundreds of community members (families, residents, and staff) turned out for the Future Focus sessions. This documentary outlines the process, showcases many voices in the community and details the issues and challenges facing District 203 and its schools in the future.
We Are Rivals

Each fall, the community comes together for two crosstown high school football games. Under the bright lights of North Central College’s Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium, Naperville Central takes on Naperville North in the Crosstown Classic, and Neuqua Valley takes on Waubonsie Valley in the Prairie Classic. NCTV17 went behind the scenes to capture each school’s preparations for their big moment in this all-access sports documentary.
Our Story

On May 2nd, in celebration of NCTV17's 25th Anniversary, we invited Naperville to join us making a community-wide documentary about one day in the life of our town. Residents submitted video showcasing everything from swing dancing to seniors at Mass to toddlers playing in the park. NCTV17's staff also took our cameras out for the entire 24 hours so we could tell Naperville's story from every angle!
Kidz Kabaret

Kidz Kabaret - The Documentary gives us an unrestrictive view of the behind the scenes intensity, passion, love and often chaos that is Kidz Kabaret, Naperville's only non-audition children's theatre company. Viewers meet the charismatic director Kandiss Hernandez and discover how she took an idea literally from her backyard to center stage and a thriving theatre.
Modern Development

When Naperville stood on the Council-Manager form of government in 1969, they had no idea the city would develop into the economic and residential center it is today. This documentary follows the City of Naperville as it met the demands of oncoming regional growth and became a thriving, high-tech metropolis providing a high quality of life for its residents.
Promising Start

As North Central began their sesquicentennial year, they teamed up with NCTV17 to create a five part documentary series that chronicles the College’s 150-year history. DVD's are available for purchase at the North Central College Bookstore. Call 630-637-5635.
We Are Y

This documantary takes you on a tour of the Kroehler YMCA to discover its past struggles and how it pioneered well-being in its members’ lives. See for yourself how the YMCA first arrived in Naperville, how it adapted through decades of change, and how one organization can make such a big impact on an entire community.
The Man Behind the Ink

Dick Locher's career began as a child when his father encouraged him to draw and included more than four decades of political cardoons for the Chicago Tribune,including one that earned him a Pulitzer Prize. The documentary chronicles how Dick Locher came to be an editorial cartoonist in 1953 and spans his illustrious career.
Family Business

Featuring local businesses Anderson’s Bookshops, Oswald’s Pharmacy, Kreger’s Central Foods, Beidelman Furniture and Biedelman-Kunsch Funeral Home. This documentary chronicles how the Anderson, Kreger and Beidelman families have successfully adapted over many decades to an ever-changing world, and worked with multiple generations of family.
The Band Plays On

Commemorating the band’s 150th anniversary this entertaining and exciting documentary chronicles the band’s beginnings and shows their growth throughout their long and storied existence in Naperville. This documentary includes fascinating and insightful interviews with musicians and experts, including Director Ron Keller and Ann Lord, the Mistress of Ceremonies since 1957.
A Hallmark of Heritage

Celebrating the Naperville Heritage Society’s 40th anniversary, this documentary chronicles its beginnings and the formation of Naper Settlement and its rise to community and national prominence.
Two Brothers, One Beer

In the 1840’s, the Stenger family came to Naperville from Germany and began a brewery. Located at Franklin Avenue between Webster and Main, the Stenger Brewery was known to produce up to 17,000 barrels of beer a year. Brothers, John and Nick Stenger, founded the brewery and this documentary takes a look at the role beer played in society; and how the brewery contributed to the development of Naperville.
The Art of Letter Writing

Amidst all the excitement of e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook this documentary looks at the founding idea behind these social networks and how long-distance communication came into existence. Learn about the history of the Paw Paw Post Office, and the art of letter writing. Interviews with local experts will guide you through local artist and historian Les Schrader’s life as he created paintings that were almost photographic in detail and historically accurate.
A Role of Their Own

What do Clarissa Hobson, Hannah Ditzler, Caroline Martin Mitchell, Matie Egermann, Genevieve Towsley, Peg Price, and Mary Lou Cowlishaw have in common? Each one of these influential women contributed spirit, intelligence, passion, and devotion to the vibrant shaping of Naperville. While they all shared a love for Naperville, each carved her own unique position that would make a significant impact still felt today.
Moments in Time

The Century Walk’s artwork tells the story of Naperville’s significant people, places, and events of the 21st century in this documentary. Century Walk Founder Brand Bobosky provides fascinating details about how the pieces came to be chosen, funded, and uniquely crafted. You’ll get to see how some of the sculptures are actually made and peek into the thoughts of the artists.
The Naperville Riverwalk

This is more than a story of a linear park; it is the story of the spirit of Naperville and how its citizens came together to celebrate its first 150 years, and turned the city’s eye sore into its crown jewel. Produced in partnership with the Riverwalk Foundation and is partially supported by a grant from the City of Naperville.
Martin Mitchell Mansion

The story about the Martin family, their family business, and Caroline Martin Mitchell’s generous bequest of the Mansion and the surrounding 212 acres to the City of Naperville. In addition, the documentary showcases the recent meticulous restoration of the mansion. This documentary was funded in part by The Rotary Club of Naperville Fund for the Arts.
Story of Joseph Naper

The first feature documentary produced about our City’s founder sheds light on Joseph Naper the man; his vision, struggles, and triumphs; and how he helped build the community we know today. “Community Building on the Great Frontier” was funded by a grant from the City of Naperville.
One in a Million

In 1931, Walter Fredenhagen and his boyhood friend, Earl Prince opened the first of five Prince Castle Ice Cream Shops in Naperville. Their partnership was sealed with a handshake and would lead to many ice cream innovations such as the multi-mixer shake machine, see-through ice cream containers and the square ice cream scoop.