Why advertise on NCTV17

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Approximately 90% of all sales come from within 5 miles of a retailer’s location.

NCTV17 is the only television channel solely dedicated to covering the Naperville area.

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NCTV17 is broadcast on Comcast, WOW! and AT&T cable systems, reaching 85% of cable subscribers in Naperville.

Households with cable TV statistically have more disposable income and are more likely than non-cable households to purchase products across a broad range of categories.

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Studies show people only remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, and 30% of what they see – but remember 50% of what they see and hear.

TV is a very impactful medium to communicate your message to Naperville residents.

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All NCTV17 programs air multiple times a day and multiple times throughout the week.

Frequent communication is what gets shoppers out of their homes and into your business.

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Three unique ways to advertise your business on TV!

1. Air your advertising message within NCTV17 programs.

Target your advertising message to specific demographic profiles and lifestyle interests based on the programs selected. All programming is positive, hyper-local in focus. Choose the specific weeks/months to coincide with the seasonality of your business.

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2. Sponsor a Program Segment

(i.e. Edward Medical Group sponsors the “Healthy Minute” in Naperville News 17 and (630) Naperville.)

Sponsor’s logo is prominently displayed leading in to the segment.

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3. Become a Presenting Sponsor

(i.e. BMO Harris Bank is the presenting sponsor of Naperville Sports Weekly.)

Presenting sponsor receives a variety of multi-platform benefits custom tailored to the particular show.

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Make NCTV17 part of your marketing plan

Let NCTV17 tailor an advertising or sponsorship package that meets both your marketing goals and your budget.

Contact our Development Team at sponsorship@nctv17.com or 630.355.2124.